Al-Manarat Academy offers Weekend Islamic School, Youth Program, Ladies Program, Quran Recitation, Ramadan Tafsir, Community Welfare Programs, Summer Camps and Monthly Social Gatherings to strengthen the bond between the local communities.
Beginners 1: Age 3 – 4
Beginners 2: Age 5 – 6
The Beginners certificate program aims to instill the seed of the Qur’an and the love of Allah swt in little hearts through short surahs from the 30th Juzz. The students begin their journey of the Deen through building the basic Islamic foundations and derive lessons from the Surahs alongside focusing on memorization and writing of the Qur’anic letters. In addition, students memorize everyday Duas and Akhlaq (proper etiquette and mannerism) in the light of Prophetic Sunnah, Steps of Salah and enrich their young minds with Prophet Stories.
Perceiver 1: Age 7 – 8
Perceiver 2: Age 9 – 10
This certification program aims to instill the seed of Qur’an and the love of Allah in the little hearts through short surahs so that they precieve the world from the Quranic lense. The students will journey through Surah Al-Kafiroon, Nasr, Masad, Feel, Quraysh and Ikhlaas and learn the general themes of these surahs. Alongside, the students will also focus on memorization and writing of Quranic letters like “Alif, Baa, Thaa”. This course is a pre-requisite for the Reflectors Certificate Program.
Reflector 1: Age 10 – 11
Reflector 2: Age 11 – 12
Reflectors program trains the students to reflect over Allah’s sign within themselves and the around them with detailed Quranic tafsir of selected Surahs from 30th Juzz, memorization and Arabic writing. The highlight of this course are Surahs like Surah Al-Qariah, Adiyaat, Qadr, Bayyinah, Humazah, Alaq, Teen, Duha,. Sharh, Shams, Layl, Asr, Falaq and Naas. Alongside they will study Islamic Aqeedah and steps of salah. This is a pre-requisite of the Inheritors Certificate Program.
Inheritors 1: Age 12 – 13
Inheritors 2: Age 13 – 14
“Scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets”

Through the Inheritors Course, the goal is to equip students to inherit the divine knowledge. With the memorization of day to day duas according to sunnah, detailed Quranic tafsir of Surahs from the 30th Juzz such as Surah Inshiqaq, Mutafifeen, Takwir, Abasa, Naba, Balad, Fajr, Tariq, Ala and Buruj. The Seerah of the Prophet (saw), Fiqh, Aqeedah and Prayer of the Prophet (saw) prepare the inheritors for the next level.

Achievers 1: Age 14 – 15
Achievers 2: Age 15 – 18
This course is the highest level of certification at Al-Manarat Academy. The main highlight of the course is the in-depth tafsir of selected Surahs with the help of workbooks. To aid their understanding of the Quran, the students will study Quranic Arabic using comprehensions and tafsir studies. This program will provide the students with tools that are necessary to achieve greatness and to become leaders in their communities.
Special Needs Children
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