March Break Camp
Al-Manarat Academy offers Weekend Islamic School, Youth Program, Ladies Program, Quran Recitation, Ramadan Tafsir, Community Welfare Programs, Summer Camps and Monthly Social Gatherings to strengthen the bond between the local communities.

1. Qur’anic Studies

  • Stories from the Quran
  • Character Building
  • Perfecting Salah
  • Memorizing Quran
  • Recitation of the Quran with Tajweed

2. Activities

  • Soccer
  • Art Projects based on the Surah studied in class
  • Hands on Learning

3. Art & Craft

  • Colouring
  • Glass Painting
  • Paper Collage
  • Candle Making and more


1. Quranic Studies 

  • A study of Surah Abasa
  • Deriving Lessons and Principles
  • Call to action

2. Public Speaking

  • Analysis of Selected Quranic Ayaat
  • Preparation of Speeches
  • Presentation of ayaat taught in class

3. Activities 

  • Designing art projects based on the Surah studied in class
  • Soccer
  • Chess