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Quranic Arabic 101

Indeed We, We have revealed it as an Arabic Quran so that you may understand (12:2)

The Quran is the final speech of Allah revealed through Angel Gabriel on the heart of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in eloquent Arabic language. Quran is the ultimate guidance and a mercy to humanity. Quran cannot be understood without the study of Arabic language. In 12:2,  Allah (swt) links the understanding of the Quran to the Arabic language. The power of the Quran is not only derived from its profound message and timeless universal laws but also from its remarkable language, word choice, its use of a wide variety of rhetorical devices, its style of narrating parables and stories, the coherence, structure and order of its chapters that remain mysterious to the readers of English translations of the Quran. The focus of this foundational course is to study the syntax and morphology of Arabic language and see how the Quran uses those very rules to convey it miraculous message.


Students should be able to read the Quran. No prior background in the Arabic is needed to start this course.



1.Properties of Isms


3.Nominal Sentence

4.Verbal Sentence


6.Sarf Families (Morphology)

7.Arabic Dictionaries

8.Class Project – Translating a Surah of the Quran

 Course Details

Starts on October 19th, 2019

Saturdays | 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Men & Women

Course Fee – $25 per month donation to Al-Manarat School | $50 Course Book

To register, submit a completed registration form during the office hours. For a monthly fee, donate here. Course fee can be paid in cash.


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